Everyone Welcome!

There's a variety of memberships to suit everyone interested in fixed wing aeromodelling in its various guises. So if your in the Wellingborough area and interested in knowing more come along and meet the people. The facilities aren't bad either!

Senior members are aged over 18 years old, whilst Junior members are 18 years old and younger. On a practical note Juniors need a certain maturity to fly RC models safely, and this usually comes around the age of 8 (though younger cases have done well). Juniors also require responsible adult supervision as the club simply does not have child-care facilities - so be prepared to develop an interest in the sport yourself. Family membership provides a financial discount for those developing this family interest - it's a lovely day out wit the sun on your back.... Last but by no means least we have Non-flying members, who no longer wish to waggle the sticks themselves but prefer to build & use one of the skilled club pilots take their creations aloft.

To apply, just click the image opposite to complete your details on-line.

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We do not discriminate against race, creed, colour, religion, sex, age, disability, or anything else for that matter. As long as you're interested in model aeroplanes that'll do nicely thank you very much!.

Code of Ethics