What Else Do You Do?

The brainchild of Terry Westrop who won the title of British Aerobatic Champion for F3A on several occasions, this annual British Freestyle Aerobatics Competition was first hosted by the club in 2004. The competition is sponsored and promoted by Radio Control Models & Electronics (RCM&E) magazine and numerous excellent sponsors. For more information see the official web-site www.bfac.org.uk

We help run the 3D Masters each year in conjunction Jeff Barringer and friends. With everyone helping out the work is easy enough and it's good fun to see what the whirly birds can do. Our main jobs are running the flight-line which Chris managed superbly, ground side logistics (like safety fencing & marquees, etc..) plus manning access paths. The event's grown into a world premier aerobatic model helicopters event.

Well done to all concerned & roll on 2007 !

Schools & Youth Clubs

Our egalitarian ideals extends into the local community where we run craft events where children build & flying model planes. As well as being great fun, it fires an enthusiasm for flight at an early age, as well as building their confidence making things.

This voluntary work mainly involves the members visiting local schools and youth groups to act as guest helpers for the evening, or afternoon. We use BMFA education program kits (which we buy from funds raised from a Christmas raffle) and have had a fine time building mainly the BMFA Aeroglide with Beaver and Club packs as well as junior schools.

You might even have seen us in the local Telegraph or in the BMFA News which reported Brian Cooper finishing off his centennial celebration of flight during an evening RC flying event with the Wellingborough 4th Cub and Scout packs (eventually a 100 odd pupils signed his special trainer after flying it).

If your youth group or school is interested and you're local please contact us for further details, and a big, big thank you to all our sponsors below who make this possible with their kind donations.

Click here if your company able to sponsor an event.