What Models Can I Fly?

Fixed Wing of any type that can be safely flown from our flying site site - everything from small electrics to medium size petrol engine machines are welcome although the site is now unsuitable for very large models due to the close proximity of the Archery Club that has now been established.

All models must conform to the BMFA guidelines (sound construction, with positive controls & silenced with a suitable propeller, etc...) If you're learning (aren't we all) ask one of the instructors or examiners to check your model over to see if it's okay - they'll be only too happy to help & give it a test fly even. See the BMFA handbook for more advice if you at all unsure (click the BMFA logo to go to their web-site).

Unfortunately we currently don't have the facilities or experience to cater for helicopters, but can recommend several other local clubs that do have this expertise where you can fly in safety.